Constance A. Burns
President, CEO, Founder | National Association of American Veterans, Inc.
Constance A. Burns, At a Glance

Constance A. BurnsConstance A. Burns has established herself as a pioneer in the veterans’ advocacy and health care services industry. With a simple recipe that comprises such elements as courage, strength, perseverance, hard work, networking abilities and faith in God, Ms. Burns has been able to prepare herself for a successful career that has allowed her to help others on an ongoing basis. Throughout the past 25 years, Ms. Burns has worked toward fastidiously achieving her goals and giving people the solutions they need to accomplish their objectives.


Ms. Burns has been featured in two documentaries, 'Two Thousand Notable American Women' and 'Great Women of the 21st Century.' She was honored and recognized by Cambridge Who's Who as its "Executive of the Year" representing Veterans Advocacy and Healthcare Services among 2010-2011 executives, professionals and entrepreneurs. In 2010-2011, she was recognized by the National Association of Professional Women as "Woman of the Year" for demonstrating excellence and dedication within her profession. She is also the president, founder and chief of Zip Professional Services. She has previously worked with the White House. She wants her organization to serve as a pilot program for informal socialization.


With intentions of learning and helping other people to learn as well, Ms. Burns earned a bachelor’s degree in education and history, and a master’s degree in education from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She also completed a doctoral teaching and research fellowship at Carnegie Mellon University, and coursework at the University of Pittsburgh. Ms. Burns is a Certified Associate Social Worker with a certification in property management, and she is also a licensed veterans claims officer.  


Ms. Burns received a High Performance Award, an Outstanding Performance Award and a Letter of Recommendation for the exceptional efforts that she has demonstrated throughout her career. Because she is not only passionate about helping people, but about remaining abreast of trends and developments, Ms. Burns serves as a member of several organizations, including The Notaries Society, The Association for the Study of African American Life and History and the Society of Government Meeting Professionals. She also currently belongs to the American Society of Association Executives, and the Meeting Professionals International. 


When she is not carrying out her duties as a business owner, Ms. Burns enjoys helping World War II army nurses, veterans caregivers, and minority veterans of the Korean War. She also enjoys writing books and helping others by offering assistance. Ms. Burns feels that the most gratifying aspect of her career is helping veterans and receiving their gratitude. She looks forward to partnering with private organizations to procure grants and contracts in the near future, and having the ideas of her organization duplicated by other companies around the nation.

Constance A. Burns
Founder, National Association of American Veterans, Inc.
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